Marilyn L. Robinson is a prolific, fine art photographer and artist located in St. Louis County, Missouri.  She produces mostly, contemporary, "Limited Edition" photographs on artists' canvas and platinum photo art paper. She has produced several documentary photo art "coffee table" books, that feature the beautiful artistry of her "Nature" and "Cultural Compositions" photography.

Inspired by her extensive travel experiences, sociology/anthropology studies, and deep appreciation of her own heritage, Robinson is currently focusing her "Cultural Compositions", fine art photography, on New Orleans and Caribbean cultures.  Her photo art explores and illustrates her fascination with the "incredible complexity" and "spiritual beauty" of contemporary cultures that have emerged out of African, Native American, and Caribbean ancestry.

Robinson's "Nature", fine art photography, is not limited to, but, focuses primarily on flowers in macro mode and Southwestern USA desert landscapes. Vibrant colors and sepia tones are utilized to dramatize the beauty and uniqueness of her photographic artistry.

Always exploring new artistic innovations, Robinson captures a variety of very unique artworks she calls "Fantasy Finish and Abstracts" which are select photographic images that she digitally manipulates to create  a unique, contemporary, fantasy-like or abstract artwork.   The uniquesness produced by these techniques are favorites of some discriminating art collectors looking for particularly unique artworks that are colorful, playful, mesmerizing, and exotically, contemporary.

Dr. Robinson is also currently working with mixed media that combines her photography, painting, collage, and beading to create truly unique and beautiful art works that uniquely enhance the decor of private homes, offices, and businesses.